I could sit here and bore you with in-depth business babble about BlackEclipseWorld.com and try to enthrall you with pseudo-corporate talk but I would rather just keep it real.

The Black Eclipse brand started as simply an outlet for my natural creativity and soon evolved into more as I ran across insightful quotes and philosophies that I started trying to incorporate into my own life.

The brand promotes the themes of positivity, motivation, wisdom, having the soul of a warrior and self reflection.

I chose these things as the core concepts of the brand because I feel they are some of the most important attributes for every human being to have. Black Eclipse exemplifies the ideals that you should remain positivity no matter what life throws your way, remain motivated no matter what setbacks or walls try to stop you from succeeding, be wise and understanding enough to learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes and teachings of others, always have that burning warrior spirit that never gives up and is always willing to push limits and constantly reflect on your thoughts and actions so that you can know and learn more about yourself and the impact that you are making on your life and the world.

Black Eclipse wants everyone to eclipse the world in their greatness and live their best life.


Jamison Berry